Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Because who doesn't want to be special?

Having been a little inspired by all those boring lectures on life and aim in life in school, surprisingly I have a vision now. I'm tired of looking at others and thinking how lucky THEY are (read:Kate Middleton). They're great public figures. They've done something special and have a huge fan following. (Also read:Nina Dobrev). But they are always THEY. Someone ELSE. Not ME. These feelings are not only confined to the media, to the glamour world. From politicians who have power to billionaires who have numerous cars to even normal students in school. Students who inspired others and me by doing something proud. Like written a novel, or won a gold medal in sports or  toppers in academics. Young scholars sprouting from among us. It's  incredible. For a moment there is a feeling of awe, followed by a little green ray of jealousy. Why always THEM why not ME. I did cross this hurdle of becoming a part of THEM when I became the student sub-editor of my school. For years I had been looking upto the council members and wondering how lucky THEY were and now I am there. It feels hellacious! 
This feeling was yet again achieved when my band, Dictated Democracy, performed in a competition Yet again I wasn't one among the crowd. I was there on the stage. I was one of THEM. The feeling was beyond great.
So having said all this I have a vision. I want to do something big something great which gets me a title that others have an eye for. I want to be placed in the most desirables' shoes and feel what it's like. I want to be a part of THEM where others are dying to get into MY shoes.


  1. The first para - exactly what I've been feeling since the past couple of days.
    Unfortunately for me, I no be in any band. So yeah, for me as of now toh that feeling.. *le sigh*
    But I'm really happy and proud and glad for you. :D

  2. Good to know about your writing skills and the band. Best of luck on both fronts. :)

    Quite sure it must be a special feeling :D

    Keep writing, you write really well :)

    1. Thanks Hardik! :D
      Keep reading and commenting! :)