Monday, 20 August 2012


Love. A four letter word. That word which makes hearts melt and life sweeter than sugar. The world moves by the power of love. The trust we put in it, the fact that there is always someone to compliment us when we feel our worst, that when we turn our back we know there is someone to make us stronger when we fail...just the mild fact to know there is always someone out there praying for our well-being. A peck on the cheek from a man to his better-half, or a passionate kiss between two young lovers, or an affectionate kiss on the forehead by a mother to her child, a moist kiss on the head by a grandfather to his grand-children or even a bear hug between two best-friends. A token of love expressed in whichever way gives the happiest feeling. So give someone a cordial smile or a big hug and make their day. Because no matter how small a four letter word it is, it is indeed the most powerful tool.

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  1. This four lettered word is enough to make or break you. Unfortunately it rules my life and fortunately it has only been beautiful until now.

    Wonderful post, I used to write such stuff earlier :)