Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Past, Present and Future

She lay there in the dark,
Still and stark,
Alone yet in company,
For there lay infront of her
The dead body.

In the candle light,
She sat with her only companion,
Staring at it,
As the corpse lay still.

She touched his cold body,
And then hers,
Trying to find the resemblance
For he was her  last blood relation.

There he lay,
Her father’s father,
Who had raised her, groomed her, and assisted her
At every step of her life.
He was her only link with the past,
Her only advisor in the present,
And her only counselor for the future.

And as she sat there,
Both the bodies in the shadow of peace,
Though he had eternal peace,
While she had a peace metaphorically
For in her head,
She pondered over the stories of her grandfather,
Who was her only mother and father.

But she was wise,
She knew not to waste time,
For an important job awaited its completion.
She got up and moved on
With only one thought in her mind,
As said truly by her grandfather:
Child I have not much to live
So remember that once I’m gone,
I become the past,
You are the present,
And what you may do,
Plans the future.

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