Thursday, 3 November 2011

Peace And War

A very small passage but as said earlier I write when I am interested.

Over the endless seas peace and war met.
The environment reverberated,dreading this sacrilegious meet.
A horizon of joys and pains, of victories and losses, 
of agony and happiness, of death and rebirth loomed in the sky.
Peace sang a melodious lullaby while war screeched a cacophony.
The harsh sound of death-feeding war dominated the soothing tune of love.
But gradually the comforting tune of peace swallowed the discordant sound
and with a blazing white flash, war fell on the ground.


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  2. what is this site all abt....
    unable to really understand the agenda f the site...Cud the panther herself elaborate the motive behind...?

  3. Utkarsh: It is a blog. It is leisure writing, there needn't be an agenda or a motive behind it. I just write for the love of writing.
    This article on 'peace and war' is a very small para on an imaginative situation where peace and war met and victory of peace over war.